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Mustard Seed Church (Rev City Church)



The Mustard Seed Church began as a house church in the 1970's.  Since then they've moved 4 times and are now settled in a custom building on the West side of town.  They have a rich history of faith and revival and are excited to continue to grow! 


This project is a revamp of the traditional year-end report.  The goals were to present information to the church body in an encouraging, captivating, and playfully inspiring way.  The church normally presented its year-end report as a table in the weekly bulletin.  Over the years the staff realized fewer and fewer people were reading the report, and because of that, were less connected to the giving and outreach goals of the church.  With this "discovery" style handout, we hope to bring renewed interest to the year-end report and revitalize the engagement the congregation had towards the goals of the church.


This project included gathering & organizing statistics, illustrating unique images, and presenting the information to the church family digitally and on paper print-outs.  

Avenir  is their primary font along with:

                 Avenir Regular

                          & Avenir Light


were selected as accent fonts

We started this process by brainstorming and collecting stats and information from all the church events and meetings from 2016.  Once all the statistics were organized, they were categorized into 4 groups and a layout was drafted.  

Icons were hand drawn, then digitized as vector art so that they would look crisp regardless of the platform.  

After several rounds of edits, adjustments, and alterations, the final version was completed! 

The entire process took about a month, but this "where's Waldo" report was well worth the wait.  It was a fun way for everyone to see all that God did in this muti-generational church body. 

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