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REMAX/Excel & Stacie Coder


The Northrop Team is made up of Larry Northrop, Debbie Heinrich, Barb Burns, and their office support staff.  They've been helping people buy and sell their dream homes in the Lawrence and Greater Kansas City area for over 20 years.


When they added Barb to their team, they wanted to give her a boost by letting her neighbors and friends know that she has entered the real-estate business!  This was done in the form of a direct mail newsletter.  They had an existing newsletter to work with, but wanted a more modern look.  The Northrop Team's brand is professional, up-to-date, effecient, and reliable - which needed to be represented in this newsletter.  They were a joy to work with, and a ton of fun to be around!

This project included updating their current team logo with REMAX's new logo and designing a new layout for their monthly newsletter that followed REMAX's new branding guidelines.  

Following their branding guidelines, Gotham is the main typeface while 


is the secondary typeface.

We started this project out by meeting to see what content the team wanted to include in their newsletter.  The focus of the newsletter would be on Barb, but Larry and Debbie also wanted their regular content to be available.  This newsletter went out to their "friends and family" accounts, so it needed to be a healthy mix of personable and professional.  

Once the decisions were made and content was sent over we set out to design their ideal layout.  The goal in this design was to present the information in a way that created a natural flow.  We wanted to create a narrative where the reader is able to meet Barb, learn about what she does, see what she has to offer, build her credibility and reliability, then be able to contact her with their needs.  This was done by creating a smoother transition between newsletter sections, and moving the agent's contact information to a side bar on the back page.  The natural flow of the eyes is directed to the market update and testimonials, and readers are able to glance to the side and contact an agent when they've seen enough and are ready to make the call.  


Though the content took several edits, and we needed to make adjustments to the layout to allow for room for mailing, the project went off without a hitch!  


As an added bonus we were also able to introduce the Northrop Team to one of our local printing partners, saving them several hundred dollars in print & mailing costs!  

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