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Cindy and her husband Craig are friendly, big-hearted people who live their lives to serve the Lord.  It was such an honor to be able to work with Cindy to brand her Xyngular business and set her apart from the rest of her competition.  

Cindy has a passion for empowering others to take charge of their health, and begin to cherish their bodies in the way God intended.  The mission statement of her business is to empower, encourage, and equip others to positive changes in their health, wealth, and life.  She has always been inspired by trees and how grounded they are with their long reaching roots.  Cindy wanted her brand to reflect the concept of causing change at the root level, and expecting results "above ground" as an effect of the change.    She was also interested in working with a hand motif - symbolizing that each person's life is in their own hands.  

This project consisted of several elements: brand specific color pallet, logo development, font creation, and marketing materials.  The entire brand development process took us 4 months to walk through, but every minute was worth it! 

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We started the project focusing on narrowing down Cindy's likes and dislikes in the area of color and font.  I'm a hand's-on type of person, so I like having color cards and font cards that clients can sort through, hold up side-by-side, and set aside for multiple rounds of elimination.  

Once we picked out the styles she liked, we began catering a font specifically for her.  She wanted structure, timeless class, and a hint of "slimming" in the font, so we went with a serif font that was evenly thin throughout, instead of the classic bolder downstrokes.  This font will primarily be used in her logo, and as the heading of any marketing documents Cindy would like to produce.

We played around with using Cindy's hands in the logo, but after a couple drafts it just didn't seem to convey the right message, so we opted to simplify and just go with the tree.  

The end result is a great representation of Cindy, her values, goals, and character!  I had a ton of fun working on this project with her!

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